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M TaylorMy passion for all things Roycroft began in the spring of 1989, when I first traveled to East Aurora, New York. I toured the Roycroft Campus and saw the restoration and preservation efforts that were so desperately needed.   I also had the pleasure of meeting Bruce Bland, who owned an extensive collection of Hubbard’s A Message to Garcia, as well as Charles Hamilton, who had worked closely with Elbert Hubbard II to produce As Bees in Honey Drown, and several other important books on the Roycrofters. These experiences inspired me to start supporting the early efforts of the Campus’ rebirth.

Back home in Kentucky, I read all I could find about the Hubbard Family and the Roycrofters, and began collecting Roycroft books and copper desk-set pieces.  I particularly admired the Roycroft’s focus on fine printing and book design, as well as their reproduction of works by progressive authors like Emerson, Thoreau, Ingersoll and Ricker. Not to mention Elbert Hubbard’s inspirational writing and his wife Alice’s books and work in the women’s rights field. I also began practicing calligraphy, studied book arts and worked with book binding over the next several years.MT Books

For the past 30 years, my interest in Roycroft has grown into a passion for the restoration and preservation of the Campus and legacy of the Roycrofters. I am particularly pleased to see some of the original printing presses return to the Campus, with plans to revive the art of bookmaking.

I am proud to have supported the efforts of the Roycroft Campus from its beginning and pleased to see the progress that has been made, but there is more restoration needed.   With rising costs to preserve these beautiful historic buildings, community support is needed now more than ever to protect the Campus for future generations.  

If you share my passion for the Roycroft, I hope you’ll join me in supporting the Campus this Spring. With so many dedicated individuals like you and I working to see the Campus succeed, the Roycroft spirit and heritage will certainly continue to flourish. Thank you for your consideration; maybe I’ll see you on the Campus during my next visit to East Aurora.         

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