A Message from a Friend of the Roycroft Campus

Clayton BaileyThe day that I was born, January 10, 1927, I was indoctrinated into the philosophy of Elbert Hubbard and the Roycroft institution.  Hubbard’s granddaughter, Nancy Hubbard, was a childhood friend, and his grandson, Dr. Elbert Hubbard III, delivered all three of my children.

In 1909 at the age of 17, my father, Oliver Bailey, was hired by Charles Rosen, the Roycroft Print Shop Foreman, to operate some of the printing presses in the Print Shop. He was drafted in the military when WWI broke out, returned home in 1918, and immediately went back to work in the Print Shop in the same capacity as previously held. After the Roycroft Oliver Baileywent through hard times, the businesses were taken over by another owner, but eventually closed.  At that time, my father purchased a number of pieces of equipment from the Campus to form his own printing business called Bailey Printing, later named S.G. Press. On his office wall hung a photograph in a wooden Roycroft frame with a caption along the base that read “my first employer,” a token I still have to this day.

In 1955, I took over my father’s company and progressively expanded the business until 1990 when I turned it over to my three grown children. Over the years, S.G. Press was responsible for many reprints of Hubbard’s quotes, sayings, and thousands of copies of his famous essay, A Message to Garcia. Upon closing in 2008, an auction was held, and Dr. Joseph Weber of Pennsylvania purchased most of the presses and returned them back to the Roycroft Campus. 

Since then, I have remained very much involved with the Roycroft Renaissance, but it’s my hope that the legacy of Elbert Hubbard will remain in Press Photoperpetuity. That is why I continue to support the Campus and its preservation and restoration efforts. Please consider joining me to ensure that this National Historic Landmark is here for many generations to come.    

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YES, I want to help preserve and restore the Roycroft Campus.

Thank you for your consideration!

For further information please contact Tricia Furnari at (716) 655-0261 ext. 107 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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