NEW - Roycroft Campus Purple V-Neck T-Shirt - Yellow Rose

$20.00 each
Shirt Sizes S-XXL


Our limited edition shirts are a purple women's T-shirt featuring the yellow Dard Hunter rose on the chest and the words "Rocroft Campus, East Aurora, NY." On the back is a quote from Alice Hubbard that reads, "The world can only be redeemed through action - movement - motion. Uncoerced, unbribed, and unbought, humanity will move toward the light."

Please note that these shirts are in Women sizes only! (If there is anyone interested in a men's size please call the Roycroft Copper Shop at 716-655-0261)


The turn of the century Arts and Crafts Movement marked the first time women were permitted to enter the workforce by learning and mastering an applied art. Early Roycrofters, including Alice Moore Hubbard, were sympathetic to the struggle for equality of the sexes and the accompanying women's suffrage movement.

Alice Hubbard wrote a book, titled 'Life Lessons: Truths Concerning People Who Have Lived', which featured writings on Susan B. Anthony, Henry David Thoreau, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and others.

The yellow rose became a symbol of supporters of women's voting rights; along with the colors purple, white and green which symbolized dignity, purity and hope, respectively.


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