Compass Rose or Initial Letter Illumination - February 16

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Compass Rose or Initial Letter Illumination

(with Artist, Necole Witcher)
Saturday, February 16 from 3:00pm - 6:00pm

The Compass Rose was created some time in the Middle Ages with the development of the compass and navigational maps. It was a circle showing the principal directions printed on a map or chart. Initial Letters were also started in Medieval times with the advancement of illuminated manuscripts. An Initial, or Drop Cap, is a letter at the beginning of a word, a chapter, or paragraph that is larger, and usually more elaborately designed, than the rest of the text. Based on the medieval method of gilding with metal leaf, this class will have students paint, gild and emboss a compass rose or initial letter either from a provided template or from their imagination. Some design experience is helpful, but there will be options provided for beginners.

Supplies include all materials needed to make one illumination; watercolor, paintbrushes, water-dishes, blotting material, and prepped watercolor paper. The tools provided during the class project will remain the property of the instructor. Students are highly recommended to bring magnification (reading) glasses if needed.

From curating to modeling to painting, Necole Witcher has been involved in the art business since 2007. She has a background in watercolor, art history and botany. Necole currently works at the Illumination Studio and Press Room in the Roycroft Print Shop and continues to promote and educate people in this age old art form. It makes her day if her work inspires or pushes at the edges of reality.

Class Tuition: $33 + $7 Supplies = $40
Registration is required and seating is limited.

If you have any questions please call the Roycroft Campus at 716-655-0261 or email us.

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