The Roycroft History Course - starting October 23rd

$30.00 each


The Roycroft History Course

The Roycroft Campus will be offering a new Roycroft History Course this Fall. The semester’s theme will be “Collecting History.” We will explore what it means to be a historian, how the Roycroft Campus has been building it's collection, including stories from and about some of it's artifacts, and those rare treasures we'd like to some day have. A different guest speaker will be leading each class, which takes place Wednesday evenings starting October 23rd at 7:00pm in the Roycroft Power House, 39 South Grove in East Aurora, across the street from the Roycroft Inn. The sessions include:

Becoming Your Own Historian - Wednesday, October 23rd at 7pm in the Roycroft Power House

Every family, every home and every community has a story; but we all struggle to curate the massive number of papers, photographs and other items piled unorganized in boxes in our attics, closets and basements. East Aurora town historian, Robert Lowell Goller, will talk about how to collect, curate and preserve the history of your family, home and community, and how to document and preserve your own story for future generations.

Collecting History: The Origin and Development of the Roycroft Campus Historic Collection - Wednesday, October 30th at 7pm in the Roycroft Power House

The Roycroft Campus' historic artifact and archival collection is still in its infancy by many standards, yet it is quickly expanding. With items being donated from Elbert Hubbard's descendants, families of former Roycrofters, avid collectors, and the occasional Roycroft novice, the Campus has amassed a collection of items that bring to life the story of the Roycroft Movement. Amizetta Haj, curator of the Museum, will talk about how the collection has developed over the past 10 years, what it takes to preserve, care for and exhibit priceless relics, and how these pieces from the past inform our understanding of Roycroft history and shape the Campus' future. 

The Lost Treasures of the Roycroft - Wednesday, November 6th at 7pm in the Roycroft Power House

As the Roycroft Campus collection continues to grow we often dream of those elusive or lost Roycroft treasures that may be out there, waiting to be found. Art History adjunct professor and Campus Program Director, Alan Nowicki will take you on an adventure and talk about some of those unique, one-of-a-kind or wishful Roycroft items; such as paintings, artifacts, clothing or audio recordings, that we hope to one day uncover.

Stories from The Philistine - Wednesday, November 13th at 7pm in the Roycroft Power House

The Philistine was a pocket-sized magazine published by the Roycroft from 1895 until 1915. It contained a mix of work from admired authors, turn of the century advertisements, and Elbert Hubbard’s own writings and philosophy. Buffalo State College Lecturer and Guest Services Ambassador at the Roycroft, Reid Dunlavey, will explore the pages of The Philistine, offering up some of the more unusual tall tales, advice and observations on the world.  


  • The Roycroft Power House, 39 South Grove in East Aurora, NY 14052 (unless otherwise stated)


  • Tuition for the Roycroft History Course, (which includes all four classes) is $10 for Roycroft Campus members - $30 for the general public . Become a member today and receive this discount. Roycroft Campus members can call the Roycroft Campus at 716-655-0261 and register for their discount. Registration is required.
  • All proceeds support the preservation and restoration of the Roycroft Campus
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